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How To Assign Facility In The Zone In Dying Light 2

When you take over Windmills and other structures, sometimes you can’t assign them to a faction. This guide on How To Assign Facility In The Zone In Dying Light 2 will explain how assigning buildings works and why sometimes you’re not able to do it, even after taking over Windmill’s and other structures.

When you take over a structure, two things could happen. A message appears on screen saying “to unlock Faction Structures assign Facility in the Zone” or you can immediately assign the structure to a specific faction, either the Peacekeepers or the Survivors.

How To Assign Facility In The Zone In Dying Light 2

Before you are able to unlock faction structures by assigning a facility in the zone, you first need to unlock the Facility. Each zone in Dying Light 2, within both regions, has at least one facility nearby. Most of the time it’s either a Power Station or a Water Tower. Once you have taken one of these structures in a particular area, you will no longer get the message “to unlock Faction Structures assign Facility in the Zone”. This is because you need to assign every structure in a region to the same faction in which you have unlocked the Facility. So if you take a Water Tower and give it to the Peacekeepers, all Windmills and other locations will go to Peacekeepers.

  • If you get the message “to unlock Faction Structures assign Facility in the Zone”, you must take a facility
  • Facilities are major structures such as Power Stations and Water Towers
  • Once you have taken a Facility in the area the structures will be assigned to the faction
  • Make sure to check map icons for red icons. This means you don’t have the stats to complete the structure or facility
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