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How To Assign Items To Pouch In Elden Ring

Your pouch items are quickly accessible items that you can use while exploring, without opening the menu. This guide on How To Assign Items To Pouch In Elden Ring will tell you everything you need to use the pouch, as the in-game tutorial could be a little confusing for players new to From Software games.

The pouch is really handy as it lets you assign items you use regularly to hotkeys, so you can use them without having to open the main menu. Once items are assigned to the pouch you simply hold Triangle/Y and then press the corresponding button. This is especially useful for items such as a ring that lets you summon your horse.

How To Assign Items To Pouch In Elden Ring

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If you want to assign items to the item pouch, open the main menu, but do not open your inventory. You cannot assign items to your pouch directly from your inventory. Instead, with just the main menu open, navigate to the Pouch icons on the right-hand side. You will see there is an icon for each of the directions on the D-pad.

Highlight the direction you want to assign the item to and then look at the bottom of the screen for the “Switch” prompt. It’s Triangle on the PlayStation, Y on the Xbox. It then automatically opens the inventory screen and this is when you can select which item you want assigned to that button.

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