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How To Assign Powers In AC Valhalla Dawn Of Ragnarok

Unlocking unique powers through the Hugr-Rip system is a new mechanic in Dawn of Ragnarok. This guide on How To Assign Powers In AC Valhalla Dawn Of Ragnarok explains how unlocking and assigning powers works as the developers have taken a rather odd route with this one, which may leave some players confused.

When he is experiencing the world through Odin’s eyes, Eivor is able to use the special trinket given to Odin by the dwarves, the Hugr-Rip, to absorb special powers from different enemies that he kills. Eivor is able to have up to two powers assigned at any one time but a lot of these powers are situational. For example, the Power of Muspelheim allows you to walk on lava and fire. It’s required in some areas but useless elsewhere. So you often want to switch powers, but this cannot be done easily.

How To Assign Powers In AC Valhalla Dawn Of Ragnarok

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You cannot assign or otherwise edit your powers through any in-game interface. Once a power has been discovered, it is permanently unlocked, however, if you want to assign a power that you currently do not have assigned, you need to find a target with that same power again and absorb it as you did the first time.

This will then overwrite one of the two existing powers you have equipped and that power will now be available. At the moment, we’ve not found a way of using more than two powers, so you are restricted on which ones you can use at any given time. There are usually enemies nearby specific objectives, if those objectives require specific powers, so have a quick search of the immediate area and you should be able to find one without issue.

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