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How To Auto Loot In Lost Ark

As with most ARPG’s, Lost Ark has tons of loot to collect and find. This guide on How To Auto Loot In Lost Ark explains how you can setup an auto looting function so you can loot instantly and set requirements on what you want to be auto looted as you progress through the game.

It’s quite common for modern ARPG games to have some level of automatic loot function. The loot-driven nature of the games often means players are stuck clicking endlessly as they look to gather the biggest and best loot from the boss they just killed. Lost Ark does have an auto loot feature but it’s not something simply hidden away in the options menu, it’s closely related to a game feature – Pets.

How To Auto Loot In Lost Ark

How To Auto Loot In Lost Ark
The pet system in Lost Ark acts as the auto loot function. You can either purchase a pet on the Lost Ark store or you can get one for free completing the Guide Quest that introduces the pets as a tutorial. Once Prideholme gets attacked by the demons and you rescue all the villagers, you have to meet the Priest in the church. You will get a notification that a Guide Quest is available. Take this quest and at the end, you get a White Bunny Pet.

Open the pet interface (ALT+P) and then select the cog next to Basic Stats, this brings up the Auto Loot menu. Here you can configure what you want the pet to Auto Loot. You can change the tier of items, whether or not it loots currencies, everything you need.

  • Auto Loot is a feature in Lost Ark but it is not hidden away in some sort of options menu
  • Before you can Auto Loot you need to follow the main story until just after the demons attack Prideholme
  • After the attack you meet the priest in the church and a Guide Quest becomes available
  • Accept and complete the guide quest to unlock a White Bunny, a free pet
  • Press ALT+P to open the pet interface and select the cog next to Basic Stats
  • Assign the auto loot rules you want and select “go”
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