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How To Auto Repair Structures In The Front

Auto Repairing Structures Keeps Your Base Intact While Offline

Every structure in your base degrades over time until it is eventually destroyed. This guide on How To Auto Repair Structures In The Front explains the process of automating your base repairs so that your structures, benches, and storage is repaired overnight. Greatly reducing the risk of returning to find your wonderful creation a pile of rubble.

If you inspect any of your structures in your base, you will likely see the error message “Insufficient Materials For Auto Repair”. This means, well, as it suggests, you don’t have the right materials. However, you could also be missing a very important structure.

How To Auto Repair Structures In The Front

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Head to the Tech screen and then navigate to the Structures tree. From there, you will need to unlock the Territory Flag, Wood Foundation, Wood Wall, Wood Door, and then finally, the Spacetime Beacon – the final one is the only one you actually need for this guide but you cannot unlock that tech without all the previous tech in the tree being unlocked. This will grant you two new buildings, you want to make the Spacetime Beacon.

Once you have made the Spacetime Beacon place it inside your base, although it has to be on natural ground. Once it is built, approach it and open the inventory by interacting with it. You will see an option in the top right “Auto-repair cost (weekly)”. This tells you what materials, and how much of each material you need, to keep your base 100% repaired over an entire week. It’s daunting at first but these materials become very easy to get after a bit of progress.

Just keep this topped up and everything inside the sphere of influence of the Spacetime Beacon will be automatically repaired.

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