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How To Awaken Digimon In Digimon ReArise

How To Awaken Digimon In Digimon ReArise
Awakening increases your Digimon’s max level and Bond. This guide explains How To Awaken Digimon In Digimon ReArise, letting you increase the power of your favorite Digimon and later, making it possible to Digivolve into bigger and more powerful Digimon.

Awakening is like increasing your level cap. Each Digimon can only reach a certain level and a certain bond, once maximum is reached, they must be awakened before they can progress and advance any further. It can be an expensive task in the latter stages of development, but it’s still a simple one.

How To Awaken Digimon In Digimon ReArise

If you want to Awaken a Digimon, go to the Train menu and select the “Workout/Awakening” option. Then, from the selection box at the bottom of the screen, select the Digimon you want to awaken. Once you have chosen your Digimon, look at the different Workout items available.

In order to Awaken a Digimon, it must have used one of each Workout Chip. Looking at the image at the top of this post, you can see icons on each Workout Chip spot. That means the Digimon has fully trained and can now be awakened, if it’s at the correct level.

That’s How To Awaken Digimon In Digimon ReArise.

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