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How To Battle In Pokemon Go

How To Battle In Pokemon Go
One of the main reasons any Pokemon trainer catches Pokemon is to battle. In Pokemon Go you will have to unlock the ability to battle. Check out this guide to figure out How To Battle In Pokemon Go!

How To Battle In Pokemon Go

So first off you need to get to level 5 to even start battling. Getting the first couple levels is easy because every Pokemon you catch will net you bonus experience for being new. In order to get yo level 5 you will have to grind out Pokemon for a while. If you are lucky enough to find new Pokemon on your journey, capture them for the extra 500 Exp for a capture. Another minor bonus is the Spin Toss. Spin the Poke Ball before you toss it and if you catch a Pokemon it will net you 10 bonus EXP. I know 10 doesn’t sound a lot but every bit helps on the path to level 5.

When you are finally level 5 you will have to find a Gym to battle at. If no one has claimed the gym yet, you can just claim it without battling. If someone has claimed it you will have to battle their Pokemon to take the gym from them. All you have to do is click the screen to use your main attack and then when the bar fills up, hold the screen for you special attack. You can also use items like Potions to prevent yourself from dying during the battle. If you have the gym, you can actually battle your Pokemon in the gym and put a stronger one in there. If no one has the gym, put a weak Pokemon in so you can get a little bit of battle experience against a weaker Pokemon to learn the ropes. If you are claiming the Gym, leave a strong Pokemon so you can keep it. If your Pokemon is defeated it will be returned to you so you know you lost the gym.

There is currently no wild Pokemon battles or online battling. This is a Pokemon game so I am sure somewhere down the line we will be able to battle online. At the moment all you can hope for is a Gym match with an epic Pokemon.

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