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How To Beat Arachne In Summoner’s War Chronicles

The Queen Spiders Nest is probably the first tough fight in the game. This guide on How To Beat Arachne In Summoner’s War Chronicles will break down a quick and easy method to kill her the first time so you can continue to progress with the story and unlock more content, worry about getting a farming team to defeat her much later in the game.

Up until this point in Summoner’s War Chronicles, the entire game can be automated. You can select auto-battle, let the AI run you through all the fights and quests, and then you reach Arachne, and likely get stomped in the face. This is the first part of the game that introduces players to the traditional late-game gacha formula. You struggle through tough battles the first time, manually, and then later create teams and builds that are able to automate the process with a high success rate. It’s the same concept in Summoner’s War Chronicles, but how do we defeat Arachne that first time?

How To Beat Arachne In Summoner’s War Chronicles

You can find Arachne in the Road of Growth – Road of Adventure menu. She is one of 5 boss battles you can farm here for Runes. She’s also part of the early stages of the story quest, where you must defeat Arachne before you can progress. There are multiple key elements here.

Firstly, you want a Defense Down Monster. Open the Main Menu and select the Book option in the bottom right. From there, select the Search Skill option in the Monster Book. In Harmful Effects select #DEF Down and then select Search. This will bring up a list of all of the Monsters with a Defense Down skill and show you which ones you own. Bring the Monster with the highest chance to land it.

Next up, you want to bring Fairy at a high level. She has a cleanse that both heals a target and removes Poisons, Arachne lands a lot of Poison attacks. For the final slot, if you have an Attack Down Monster, that’s a huge help, otherwise, bring it an additional healer.

Make sure, if you have any, to equip Runes and level them up. They offer huge bonuses to your Monsters

The fight itself is simple, just make sure to dodge Arachne’s leap attack. She jumps into the air, a red circle appears, then she jumps down on it several times. Avoid that attack or you will most certainly wipe.

  • Bring a Defense Down Champion, you can check the Monster Book Search Skill option to see if you have any Defense Down Monsters
  • Bring Fairy, all players start with Fairy. She has a healing ability that also clears Arachne’s Poison
  • For the final Monster in your party, bring one with higher defense than the rest of your party. Arachne will focus her attacks on that Monster
  • Alternatively, bring a Monster with an Attack Down ability to make the fight a breeze
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