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How To Befriend A Cat In Lost Judgment

Befriending a cat in Lost Judgment is a sub objective of a side case. This guide on How To Befriend A Cat In Lost Judgment will walk you through the process of becoming friends with a cat, including tips on how to speed up the process, so you can befriend your own feline family and progress through the quest.

The Forbidden Taste is a Side Case that you can collect in Chapter 3, from the Side Case board in the detective office. Once you pick up the quest, you’ll have to complete a few objectives, tracking down information on a mystery phantom ramen stall. After tracking down some clues you’ll need to befriend a cat, so let’s get started.

  • Interact with the cats at the location shown below
  • Name a cat, remember its name
  • Head to a nearby shop or restaurant and eat or buy something to reset the cats
  • Return to the cats and feed the cat matching food (based on the image of the cat)
  • Do this twice to max out the friendship meter
  • Once maxed, you will receive a belt item as a reward
  • Return to Yokohama 99 and a cat will arrive
  • The cat will take you to the Phantom Ramen Stall, completing the quest

How To Befriend A Cat In Lost Judgment

How To Befriend A Cat
Firstly, you want to buy some cat food. You can pick some up from the Poppo (Jinnai Station Exterior) store. Cats are involved in a few areas of the game so buy as much as you can carry, saves you coming back later. After that, head to the location shown above. There’s a group of cats here. If you already interacted with the cats for the quest, go and do some shopping and return a few minutes later. You should be able to interact with them again.

When you first speak with the cats, you will give one a nickname. Remember the color of the cat and the name you gave it. When you name a cat you will increase its friendship. You need to max the friendship with any single cat. Once you interact with a cat at this location, head to the nearby food shop and eat something. Then you can come back and speak with them again.

If it’s a new cat, you will need to name it. If it’s not a new cat, you will have to recall its name. If you remember its name, you can then choose another option. Choose Offer Food, this is the fastest way to increase a cats friendship level. Once you reach level 1 Pawpularity, you will get a Near-Death Belt. Once you max out the bar the new quest icon for The Forbidden Taste will appear at Yokohama 99. Return there.

When you return, a cat will appear. This will lead you to the Ramen Stall and complete the quest.

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