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How To Bind Weapons To Abilities In Diablo IV (Weapon Binding)

The Barbarian gets the ability to bind weapons to specific abilities. In this guide on How To Bind Weapons To Abilities In Diablo IV (Weapon Binding), we’ll break down how you can unlock this ability so you can force the Barbarian to switch weapons for specific abilities to get the desired effect.

Once you reach level 16 the Barbarian unlocks the option to use Weapon Binding. Weapon Binding is when the Barbarian can assign specific weapons to certain abilities. This allows you to spec further into different builds. For example, if you have a 2H mace with a very high crit rate bonus, you may want to use that for a Whirlwind attack over weapons that offer bleeds, depending on your build.

How To Bind Weapons To Abilities In Diablo IV (Weapon Binding)

Once you have reached level 16 and unlocked Weapon Binding, it can be a little tricky to access. Open the main menu and navigate to the Abilities tab. From there, look at the bottom of the screen and look for the Skill Assignment button, it’s L3 on PlayStation & Xbox. This brings up a box that shows all of your skills.

From there, find the kill you want to change and look for the “Cycle Weapon” option. If that skill allows you to assign a weapon to it, it will cycle through your available weapons. Simply stop on the one you want and that weapon will be used whenever the Barbarian uses that skill in the future.

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