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How To Board & Steal Ships In Starfield

Stealing ships is a great way to earn some money fast and upgrade your ship quickly and easily. This guide on How To Board & Steal Ships In Starfield will tell you two different ways of stealing ships so you can start your space pirate journey on a profitable front leg.

The first, and arguably easiest way, is just to explore planets. When you are exploring planets you will sometimes hear a nearby ship landing. An icon will then appear on the screen to tell you a ship has landed. To steal those ships, you simply need to board the ship, kill the crew, and then take off in the ship. This is the easiest route but landing ships can be rare as it’s just down to luck.

How To Board & Steal Ships In Starfield

The other, more reliable method, just needs a single Skill unlocked. In the Tech tree you need to unlock the “Targeting Control Systems” skill. This unique ability allows you to target specific parts of an enemy ship. When you are in combat, you can then Lock-On to enemy ships by getting close before pressing the Targeting button, X on the Xbox. You can then cycle through the ships different systems and choose what to target. Select the Engine.

Shoot the engine until all of the yellow bars have vanished. You can then approach the ship and dock. Make sure you are locked on to the ship by pressing A. Once you are close, you will get a prompt to press X to dock. Dock with the ship, kill the crew, and fly away to claim the ship.

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