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How To Break Green Crystals In Borderlands 3

How To Break Green Crystals In Borderlands 3
The Bounty of Blood DLC introduces special Green Crystals. This guide on How To Break Green Crystals In Borderlands 3 will tell you how far you must progress in the story before you unlock the ability to destroy these obstacles, some of which are blocking the path to important collectibles.

You will encounter these crystals very early in the Bounty of Blood DLC. They are scattered across the landscape, seemingly nothing more than decoration. However, as you progress through the story the importance of these special crystals becomes clear and with it, the opportunity to do what Borderlands 3 does best, blow it up.

How To Break Green Crystals In Borderlands 3

In order to destroy the green crystals, especially the one blocking one of the books in the second area, you must follow the main storyline of the Borderlands 3 DLC. Continue along the main quest line until you reach Ashfall Peaks. Once you are in Ashfall, continue following the story until you meet Titus.

Titus is in a bit of a bind. He has been captured and he’s locked away behind a special wall, a wall pulsating with the same green crystalline structure you’ve seen on your adventures. After Titus explains his predicament of being captured and locked away, he will introduce you to some brand new company tech. Speak with Titus again and he will give you this company tech to experiment with. Then you simple melee the nearby crystal and then you can destroy the door.

Once you have completed this specific part of the story, you can then continue and break any of the green crystals you see in your path by simple approaching them and using a melee attack.

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