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How To Break Purple Crystals In Darksiders Genesis

How To Break Purple Crystals In Darksiders Genesis
Found the large collection of huge purple crystals? In this guide we explain How To Break Purple Crystals In Darksiders Genesis as they are often discovered in many levels long before you have the physical ability to interact with them.

Darksiders Genesis has some Metroidvania like aspects that may be surprising or confusing to some players. There are a lot of puzzles in the game, some of which you can solve when first encountered but others, require deeper progress into the game before you have the tools and knowledge to solve some of the puzzles.

How To Break Purple Crystals In Darksiders Genesiss

The large formations of Purple Crystals that you encounter is one such element of the Metroidvania style. You do encounter them throughout the game, some as early as the first couple of missions. However, when you first encounter these crystals you cannot interact with them or damage them with any abilities, bombs, or other potential solutions. You must progress into the main story.

You need the Tremor Gauntlet. This is a special item that you encounter during Chapter 7. It’s an item exclusive to War, so if you’re playing single player you need to use the Tremor Gauntlet as War. It has three main functions. You can punch the ground, activating those special metal circle plates you may have seen, you can punch ahead, and you can use it to damage enemies.

If you are within melee range of the Purple Crystals, the ground punch attack destroys all crystals in a large radius, where as the punch attack only destroys those in a line ahead, so save the latter for crystals outside melee range.

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