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How To Break Silver Chains, Statues, & Blocks In LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

During the Master Codebreak-Out mission, you find some metallic silver chains. This guide on How To Break Silver Chains, Statues, & Blocks In LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga explains what you need to break the chains as this particular room is hiding a Mini-Kit. We’ve not found any other metallic silver chains anywhere in the game yet but the process for breaking them down is likely going to be the same for every chain you come across.

If you remember the chain but don’t remember how to get there, you can return on Free Play and explore freely. You need to travel to Cantonica, then to Canto Bight. Once in Canto Bight run all the way to the North of the area and enter the “Interior” entrance point. This will take you into the Casino. Head to the Story Quest in the top left corner and begin the mission to get back into the prison.

How To Break Silver Chains In LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

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Once you are back inside the prison you simply press the nearby switch to open the door and reveal the Silver or Metallic Chain. To break the chain it’s actually very simple, you simply need any Villain character. You can check your character tab for any Villain character you have unlocked and, as long as you are in Free Play mode, you can switch freely. You can’t switch characters during most story missions so you’ll have to return after completing the story here to break the chain.

Then simply approach the chain and follow the on-screen prompt to throw a grenade. This breaks the chain instantly and lets you interact with the wheel. You can build something nearby, a pipe. You want to build the pipe in the bottom central slow so when you turn the wheel, it opens the container for the Mini-Kit.

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