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How To Break The Floor In Indivisible

How To Break The Floor In Indivisible
Certain spaces of flooring can be broken, with the right ability. This guide explains How To Break The Floor In Indivisible, as it’s yet more areas, more characters, and more items locked behind specific obstacles until you have unlocked the required ability.

There are multiple places where the floor can be destroyed. Using the map is probably the best way to identify these locations, some of them are also marked by glowing orbs of light. As with many of Indivisible’s obstacles, you must reach a certain part of the story.

How To Break The Floor In Indivisible

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] You need to go to the Iron Kingdom, although you must have completed the other areas first or you won’t have the abilities required to reach the location. Simply progress through the route in the Iron Kingdom, eventually you will reach a damaged robot. He asks you to locate his parts. All three are nearby, it’s part of the story so they cannot be missed. Once you have partially restored the robot, he teaches you smash.

Simple press Triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox One) while in the air. You will then smash down to the floor, destroying any tiles in the process.

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