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How To Break The Green Dendro Mossy Rocks In Genshin Impact

In the new Genshin Impact update, there are moss-covered rocks with dendro beams coming from them. This guide on How To Break The Green Dendro Mossy Rocks In Genshin Impact will tell you everything you need to know about destroying these new obstacles so you can progress further and explore more of the region.

I’m unsure if they are actually Dendro rocks. It appears as though the beams of energy coming from the rocks are Dendro, but that was the closest name I could think of that others may also consider. So if you’ve found the small rocks with a hole in, moss covering certain parts, and beams of light coming out, those are the rocks I’m talking about.

How To Break The Green Dendro Mossy Rocks In Genshin Impact

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To break these moss-covered rocks you need to use a character with fire element attacks. Any fire character will do. Simply attack the rocks with the fire characters and it will eventually break. You can set the floor ablaze under the rock to do more damage over time, just be careful you don’t damage yourself too much.

Often is the case, when you break one of these, you are met with a mini-boss before getting a treasure chest. So make sure, when you are breaking the rocks, you are healed up and prepared for a battle.

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