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How To Break Through The Shield In Star Wars Battlefront

How To Break Through The Shield In Star Wars Battlefront
There is an infantry shield in Star Wars Battlefront that basically makes you invincible for a few seconds. Normal blasters have 0 effect on these shields so you need to break them so other way. Check out this guide to find out How To Break Through The Shield In Star Wars Battlefront.

How To Break Through The Shield In Star Wars Battlefront

The shield is very useful for capture objectives or escaping blaster fire when you are getting shot from behind. That with the Jet Pack is a great way to get out of a bad situation. You can’t use your blaster when a shield is on but you can toss grenades.

In order to break through the Shield you will need to do one of these things. You will need to use a grenade and place it at their feet to blow them up. You can also use the Cycler Rifle to shoot through the shield, this will take a headshot unless they are already injured. The Ion Blast weapon upgrade will be able to tear through the shield if you have that equipped, in theory the Ion Grenade would work as well. I’m not sure if Melee would work but if you can get close enough it should work, since you are through the shield technically. Lastly, of course, if you are a light saber using hero the shield won’t mean anything and you can cut through it.

When the rest of the game came out there might be more way to break through the shield. Check back soon for more Star Wars Battlefront Guides!

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