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How To Break Yellow Cracked Rocks In God Of War Ragnarok

During your adventure you will find many rocks with cracked yellow surfaces. This guide on How To Break Yellow Cracked Rocks In God Of War Ragnarok will tell you what you need to do in order to destroy the rocks and boulders that are covered in a cracked yellow pattern. It’s a long way, about 20 hours into the game.

Kratos will discover many of these strange boulders and rockfaces covered in cracks, highlighted by a yellow glow. You can find these as early as the first couple of planes you visit, and as late as the last. They are scattered throughout the game but you cannot interact with them or use them until you have a specific piece of equipment.

How To Break Yellow Cracked Rocks In God Of War Ragnarok

The special equipment you need is a Spear. This one of the very few weapons that Kratos can unlock as he progresses through the main story of God of War Ragnarok. The ability to smash and break cracked rocks is part of the story progress, you cannot miss it.

You need to continue with the main story arc, called The Path, until you reach a mission where you accompany Brok to a Forge to create a new weapon. This mission is called Forging Destiny. At the end of that mission, once you have reached the Forge, Brok will give Kratos a new Spear.

You can then use the Spear to smash rocks with a yellow cracked surface. Hold L2 to aim with the spear and then R1 to throw the spear. Once you have a spear stuck in the surface, press Triangle to make it explode.

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