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How To Breed Pokemon In Pokemon Sword & Shield

How To Breed Pokemon In Pokemon Sword & Shield
Want an egg to hatch your own Pokemon? You need to learn How To Breed Pokemon In Pokemon Sword & Shield, which is a very basic feature that allows you to breed two Pokemon together to create an egg that will eventually hatch into a new Pokemon.

If you want to breed Pokemon you first must find the Nursery in Sword and Shield. Nurseries, there are two total, allow you to leave two Pokemon in their care. If you leave two Pokemon of the same species together, an egg may appear on your next visit.

How To Breed Pokemon In Pokemon Sword & Shield

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] To breed two Pokemon put them both in the Nursery. You need a male and female of the same species. For example, a Male Eevee and a Female Eevee. Then leave them there. Check back after a short break, about 30 minutes, and you may find an egg. Once you have an egg simply carry it with you and it will hatch as you walk.

Breeding has lots of benefits. It gives you a level 1 version of a Pokemon. Pokemon that gain levels with a trainer are stronger than those that level in the wild, making breeding the best option to make a single Pokemon live to its maximum potential. You can also learn moves certain Pokemon would have missed. For example, catching a level 30+ Gastly will miss out on Hypnosis as a move, but you can breed a level 1 Gastly and learn it that way.

There’s a lot of other benefits to breeding so be sure to give it a go. There are other possibilities with more advanced breeding, such as using Ditto as a male or female version of anything, check back for a guide on that soon.

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