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How To Build Coal Cart Container To Keep 90% Of Coal In LEGO Bricktales

One of the first objectives of the medieval world is to build a coal cart. This guide on How To Build Coal Cart Container To Keep 90% Of Coal In LEGO Bricktales will tell you everything you need to know to firstly construct and complete the coal cart, but also how to ensure over 90% of the coal reaches the destination.

With the majority of these building challenges, there are many different ways you can solve the puzzle. Trying to make the “perfect” version can get a little frustrating so it’s a good idea to start with a base that works, and then build the other items on top. With that in mind, we’ve got the easiest and simplest way to make the coal cart so that it can keep over 90% of the coal until it reaches the target area.

How To Build Coal Cart Container To Keep 90% Of Coal In LEGO Bricktales

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There are two primary aspects to this build. You first need to construct the coal cart and then you need to ensure it can hold the coal to the destination. This means you need high edges on one side, as the coal bounces when it first lands in the cart, but the other side needs a gradual slope to encourage the coal to leave the cart. Put the 4 6×2 pieces across the center of the card. Then on one side of the top, add the 2×1 ramps. On the opposite side, build the wall up high to keep the coal in the cart.

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