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How To Build The Carpenter In ASKA

Many vital buildings and upgrades in ASKA require the construction of the Carpenter. However, the in-game interface isn’t very clear and it can be difficult to find out exactly how you build the Carpenter to fulfill the building requirement for other structures.

When you are navigating the different construction menus of ASKA, highlighting a locked building will tell you the requirements needed to unlock that building. One requirement, at least for much of the latter game buildings, is the Carpenter.

Bonus Tip: Be Careful

As you first need to build a Workshop Pit before you’re able to apply the Carpenter addon, be very careful where you place the Workshop.

Make sure, when you are constructing the Workshop Pit, that both of the sides of the construction are Green. This means the land is viable for construction.

If you place the Workshop Pit and at least one area is red, you will waste part of the construction and will not be able to build an addon.

How To Unlock & Build The Carpenter

In order to construct the Carpenter building, you first need to build a Workshop Pit. You can find the Workshop Pit in the Advanced Production section of the Build (B) menu.

Once you have constructed the Workshop Pit, you then need to upgrade it to the Workshop Hut. Upgrading this structure unlocks the ability to build addons.

Highlight the building and select the “Open Workshop Hut Menu” (T), to bring up the upgrade interface. Under the Upgrade section look for addons. You will find several options here.

This is where the Carpenter is built. You may need to build other addons first, to unlock the Carpenter, such as the Metalworker, but that’s all you need to do.

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