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How To Buy Items From General Store In Rune Factory 5

The Buy Food Request Can Be Confusing

Several townsfolk have requests that require you to buy some food at the General Store. This guide on How To Buy Items From General Store In Rune Factory 5 will tell you how the shopping system works as if you like doing a lot of Requests before continuing with the main story, you may find yourself unable to buy items.

During the introductory segments of Rune Factory 5, you’re tasked with visiting all of the major locations and NPC’s in town. Once you’ve introduced yourself to all of the main characters you can start doing Requests on a job board that’s posted outside of your house. You can continue doing as many of these as you like, before progressing through the main story, but eventually, you will hit a wall. You’re given a Request to complete that involves buying items from the General Store but if you visit too early, you cannot buy anything.

How To Buy Items From General Store In Rune Factory 5

If you arrive at the General Store and Terry is not in the store, you have not progressed far enough through the story, so follow the main story quest. Likewise, if Terry is inside the General Store but just moans about having little stock at the moment, you need to follow the main story.

Buying items is really simple, you simply talk to Terry and ask him “What do you have for sale?”. If, when talking to Terry, that option does not appear in a conversation window, you need to continue with the main story quests first.

  • The “Buy Food” request is the first Request that tasks you with buying items from the General Store
  • Head to the General Store and speak with Terry
  • If Terry is not there or complains about a lack of stock, follow the main story missions
  • Eventually, when you speak with Terry, a conversation option appears to buy items
  • You can then purchase Chocolate or Rice to complete the Buy Food request
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