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How To Call In Vehicles And Equipment In Battlefield 2042

Calling in vehicles at the right time is the path to victory in Battlefield 2042. Check out this guide to find out how to call in vehicles and equipment in Battlefield 2042. This way you can have the maximum amount of speed and power when trying to take enemy points.

How To Call In Vehicles And Equipment In Battlefield 2042

In order to call in vehicles and equipment, you have to be on certain maps and in certain modes. Click Q on pc or R1 (Right bumper) on console and it will open up a menu with a few different options. The top one is to call in vehicles and equipment. You can only have a certain amount on the field at any time. If the slots are filled then you aren’t calling in anything until something breaks down.

You cannot call in stuff for your team if you don’t control the area. If you are playing the user made content then you might not be able to call in anything because of the rules. The older game modes don’t have the call in feature, so those won’t have the option. Also be sure to call it in somewhere it won’t get shot to pieces. No point in calling in a tank is a fighter jet blows it up on the way to the ground.

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