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How To Calm Achilles With Gifts In A Total War Saga Troy

How To Calm Achilles With Gifts In A Total War Saga Troy
Achilles is one of the major factions you can play as in A Total War Saga Troy. Check out this guide to find out how to calm Achilles with gifts in A Total War Saga Troy. This way you won’t have to worry about him going full rage mode or any of the other modes if you don’t want.

How To Calm Achilles With Gifts In A Total War Saga Troy

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If you look in the Hot Blooded Achilles tab for Total War Troy, you will see that you can give Achilles Gifts to calm him down. The game doesn’t really tell you how to do that, so you might be stressing about him going into a certain mood. When Achilles hits 100% in any mood, you will be given the option to pay for gifts, or to let him go into that mode. The more you pay him with gifts, the more expensive it will be the next time. You cannot get out ahead of it and have to wait until a mood strikes him. Sadly if he is already in a mood, you can’t give him gifts to stop that mood either.

There are multiple advantages to letting him go into certain moods as well. Outraged will let you go on a murder spree for quite awhile, but cost you resources. The other advantage is that it resets all other moods to zero. This means if you are about to go into a mood you don’t want, focus another one and that one you don’t want will drop to zero. If you are really in a bind you can send Achilles away or off to duel and his mood won’t go up or down.

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