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How To Carry 8 Soldiers On Transporter In Phoenix Point

How To Carry 8 Soldiers On Transporter In Phoenix Point
Want to increase your Manticores capacity to take the full 8/8 into battle? This guide explains How To Carry 8 Soldiers On Transporter In Phoenix Point as what initially seems a potential upgrade option, is actually hidden behind faction alliances and shared technology.

Eagle eyed players will likely notice that you are able to take up to 8 individual soldiers or units into most missions. However, when you first begin your attempt at reviving the Phoenix Point faction, you’ll find that your primary mode of transport is limited to carrying 6 soldiers, the Manticore.

How To Carry 8 Soldiers On Transporter In Phoenix Point

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] increase your Manticores capacity
At this moment, we have not discovered any way of improving or advancing individual technologies outside of the initial research. The Manticore’s capacity limit of 6 is something you cannot change, improve, or upgrade. However, you can carry 8 troops into battle through relations with other factions.

As an example, the powerful Tiamat has a capacity score of 8. This means it is able to transport up to 8 individual units anywhere on the Geoscape but the Tiamat is not a technology native to the Phoenix Point faction.

You must raise your relationship level with a faction to reach at least “Aligned” level with that particular faction. You increase your reputation with a faction by completing missions, saving Havens, and some choices and consequences.

Once you have reach Aligned with a faction you will get a wash of new Research options available called “Shared Research”. These are all instantly researched and a free of cost. Align with a faction to receive the technology for their transporter to increase your carry capacity of soldiers.

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