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How To Catch Alpha Pokemon In Pokemon Legends Arceus

The game is filled with Alpha Pokemon, stronger, huger versions of normal Pokemon. This guide on How To Catch Alpha Pokemon In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you some basic tips and tricks to let you catch some Alpha’s so you can fill up your Pokedex or strengthen your team.

We have found over 70 Alpha Pokemon in the game thus far, and we’re not even halfway done exploring all the different time and weather combinations. Alpha’s are unique because not only are they bigger and stronger than regular versions of the same Pokemon, caught Alpha Pokemon can also have rare moves that the typical members of its species would otherwise fail to learn. They also reward a lot of experience points for either catching or killing them, so they are good to farm. In fact, an Alpha is involved in one of the techniques for how to level up fast.

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How To Catch Alpha Pokemon In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Catching Alpha’s is much like catching regular Pokemon but much harder. You’ll struggle to catch any at full health without a surprise hit and once you get into battle, you’re likely going to lose a few Pokemon. There are two main tools to bring to the able to ensure you catch Alpha Pokemon each and every time.

Firstly, the Heavy Ball line. These balls fly through the air like a led balloon. You can maybe throw them 5ft before they fall to the floor, so you need to get close. You can use any berries to bait Alpha’s but using the preferred food for that Pokemon drastically improves the chances of catching one. Combine this with a stealth approach from the back, and a Heavy ball or similar, and you’ll catch the Alpha near guaranteed every time.

Check the Pokedex for the Pokemon you’re hunting for all the information on its favorite foods.

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