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How To Catch Flying Pages In Hogwarts Legacy

Some of the challenge pages in Hogwarts Legacy are found flying through the air. Check out this guide to find out how to catch Flying Pages in Hogwarts Legacy. This way you can start earning even more rewards.

How To Catch Flying Pages In Hogwarts Legacy

In order to catch the flying pages you will have to attend some classes. Attend a Charms Class and a Defense Against the Dark Arts Class and you will be given a couple of extra spells to work with. One of the these new spells is called Accio. Accio let’s you grab out at a distance and pull an object towards you.

Once you have that you can go back out into Hogwarts and start looking for the flying pages. When you see one, use Accio on it and you will pull it to you and grab it. There are tons around to be sure to keep an eye out and listen for the noise when you are around. Thankfully they are easy to catch as long as you are aiming in the general direction of the page.

You will get this spell within the first couple of hours of play.

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