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How To Catch Magical Beasts At Dens In Hogwarts Legacy

Magical Beasts are an awesome pet system in Hogwarts Legacy. In this guide on How To Catch Magical Beasts At Dens In Hogwarts Legacy we’ll explain the process behind rescuing Magical Beasts. Once rescued, you can add the Magical Beasts to you vivarium in your room at the Room of Requirement, raise them, breed them, and interact with them.

Before you’re able to catch Magical Beasts, the creatures you find at Den spots all over the game world, you need to unlock the Nab Sack (YT Video). Once you have unlocked the Nab Sack you can use it to catch the Magical Beasts that you find at the dens. That’s all you need really, everything else you already have.

How To Catch Magical Beasts At Dens In Hogwarts Legacy

This only works on Magical Beasts, you can’t capture enemy creatures or normal animals like goats and cows. It’s not required but once you have found a den, it’s a good idea to use the invisibility spell as you approach. Before you approach, make sure you have the Nab Sack on your skill wheel alongside the spell Levioso. Get close to a magical beast and then cast the Levioso spell on the beast you are targeting. This will briefly incapacitate the creature. So quickly cast your Nab Sack on the creature and you will begin the capturing process.

Following on the on-screen directions, press the button when the bar is filled. You need to fill each of the diamonds below this meter to capture the creature. If it flees or it’s about to flee, quickly cast Levioso again, the capture meter does not reset entirely, it just drops over time. So you can then cast you Nab Sack again and repeat the process. This is how you capture Magical Beasts.

If you want to find them all, including the Unicorn, be sure to check out our Magical Beasts locations guide.

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