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How To Catch Shishkabugs In Bugsnax

How To Catch Shishkabugs In Bugsnax
Shishkabugs are one of the first Bugsnax with unique catching mechanics. This guide on How To Catch Shishkabugs In Bugsnax will tell you what you need to do, in order to lure the Shishkabugs out of bushes so you can place down your Snak Trap and scoop them up for the Pest Control quest.

Shishkabugs are little insect looking Bugsnax. There are two in the area but they are very jumpy creatures and will quickly flee if you get too close. If you were busy exploring and got too close without dropping your Snak Trap, it’s very likely they escaped into a nearby bush. If you’re not able to scan them, figuring out how to lure them from the bush can be quite difficult but worry not, you’ve got all the tools you need right there with you.

How To Catch Shishkabugs In Bugsnax

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Near both of the Shishkabugs in the area with the quest, there are two roaming Bungers. Beetle like creatures that love ketchup. You cannot catch these creatures at the moment because they server an additional purpose in this particular location. They are the only way to lure the Shishkabugs out of the bushes, if they have already fled from you.

Put your trap so that it encompasses the bush in which the Shishkabug is hiding and then shoot the bush with Ketchup. Make sure you get the bush as if you get the trap, the Bunger will charge the trap and send it flying. If you successfully tag the bush with ketchup, the Bunger will charge the bush which scares the Shishkabug out of hiding. You can then quickly activate your trap so that the Shishkabug is caught.

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