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How To Change Arrows In Dying Light 2

There are many different ammunition types for the bow in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. This guide on How To Change Arrows In Dying Light 2 will guide you through the process of selecting different ammunition types when you are using your bow, so you don’t have to cycle ammo by wasting every arrow of another type.

Both bows and crossbows have multiple ammunition types. Most of these can be crafted, found in the game world, or purchased from various NPC’s. The method of switching between ammo types for both Crossbow and bow is identical, although the unique ammo types for each weapon are not shared in every situation.

How To Change Arrows In Dying Light 2

If you want to change what ammunition is in your bow or crossbow, you need to have it assigned. This means that the bow is on your “hotbar” with is right on the d-pad. This cycles between the different weapons. Once the bow is in your hand, you will automatically load the default ammo.

Once you are holding the bow you need to hold right on the d-pad. This will bring up the weapon wheel. You will see in the center of the wheel the current ammunition assigned to that particular weapon. You will also see the prompts to change ammo, if you are holding other ammo. It’s L1/LB or R1/RB. This will cycle through the different ammo until you have the right ammo selected

  • Make sure the bow is assigned to your weapon hotbar so you are wielding it in your hand
  • Hold the weapon wheel button (right on the d-pad) to bring up the weapon wheel
  • Highlight the bow on the weapon wheel and inspect the center of the wheel to see the appropriate buttons
  • You can switch between ammo types using the L1/LB R1/RB buttons freely
  • The ammo you select will be automatically loaded into the weapon once you close the weapon wheel
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