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How To Change Character Skins In Overkill’s The Walking Dead

How To Change Character Skins In Overkill's The Walking Dead
There’s many different character skins to unlock. This guide will tell you How To Change Character Skins In Overkill’s The Walking Dead so you can further customize each of your different survivors with new and exciting skins that you’ve unlocked.

You can unlock new character skins in a variety of ways. Most of them require you to complete skill trees or unlock upgrades, but some are given for pre-orders too. The easiest method of unlocking new skins is to sync your account in the options menu, this can give you one additional skin for each character.

How To Change Character Skins In Overkill’s The Walking Dead

To switch your characters skin, head to the main menu, where you can select which mission you want to complete. Then from there, select the Characters tab. Here you will see all of the characters you’ve unlocked as well as their current loadouts.

In the lower right corner of the screen, next to the bandages slot, you will see a Customize button. Hit that and it will take you to the skins selection screen. Here you can see how to unlock each of the different skins available for your character, and equip any you already own.

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