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How To Change Class In Phantasy Star Online 2

How To Change Class In Phantasy Star Online 2
There are 9 classes to choose in PSO2 but only 6 are available in the character creation. This How To Change Class In Phantasy Star Online 2 guide will tell you how to unlock Fighter, Gunner, and Techer, and the ability to switch class at any time.

Phantasy Star Online 2’s character creation allows you to choose a race, customize your characters appearance, and choose your class. However, some players may notice during character creation that not all of the classes are available. Specifically, the Fighter, Gunner, and Techer classes appear to be missing from the class option during this part of the game.

How To Change Class In Phantasy Star Online 2

It is believed that these classes were originally locked behind progression or completing a specific in-game activity. However, this is no longer the case and the classes have since been made more accessible. You cannot choose these classes during character creation but you are able to unlock them very quickly and switch almost immediately after making your first character.

Change Class In Phantasy Star Online 2

Head to the Class Consultant and speak with him there. At any point, during your time on the Ark ship, you can speak with this NPC and change your class. It’s free, can be done whenever, and there’s no limit how many times you can change class.

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