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How To Change Classes In Fire Emblem Fates

How To change Classes In Fire Emblem Fates
Changing classes in Fire Emblem Fates can help you switch a weak unit to a strong one. In order to switch classes with a unit you will need a certain level and a certain item. Check out this guide to figure out How To Change Classes In Fire Emblem Fates!

How To Change Classes In Fire Emblem Fates

Alright so there are a few ways to change classes. You will have to do some planning if you want to change a unit to a class you really enjoy. You can’t just get an item and then pick that class, it doesn’t work that way.

Master Seal – Master Seal is more about improving characters you already enjoy more than switching a weaker character. This is how you move on to the next stage of your class once you hit level 10. When you use one of these you will have more direct control over the route the unit takes. For instance you can level up a Cavalier into a Great Knight or a Paladin. One is more balanced while the other is meant to be a mobile tank. This will put the unit back down to level one, so be prepared for that. You can buy a few in town from the Staff store and find them in chests during battles.

Partner Seal – Here is where you start getting a little more choice on what character becomes what class. You need to have a support member be S rank with another character in order to use this. They don’t need to be a certain level or be a certain class, just rank S support with the class you want to change them into. It will take a bit of grinding to get them up S rank but it is worth it for more than just switching classes.

Friendship Seal – The same as the Partner Seal but with an A+ rank instead of an S.

heart Seal – This one is a little odd to me. It changes you class based on your personality type. I think this is how you make your character into the class you selected at the start of the game. When I used it on my Corrin I was about to become Swordmaster or a Master of Arms. Thankfully you can look before you actually use the item so if you don’t like the classes you don’t have to use it. I got one from a battle and I bought one from the Staff Store. Check it out on multiple characters for the best results.

That is how you change classes in Fire Emblems Fates!

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