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How To Change Dragons Color In Little Dragons Cafe

How To Change Dragons Color In Little Dragons Cafe
So you’ve got your very own dragon, but don’t like the color? This guide will tell you How To Change Dragons Color In Little Dragons Cafe including basic information on what influences the color of your dragon, when it changes color and how to go about getting the color you want.

It is apparently possible for your dragon to start any of the available colors, however, we were only ever able to get a red dragon after it hatches from the egg during the early parts of the main story. However, despite its initial colors, you are able to change the color of your dragon in Little Dragons Cafe.

How To Change Dragons Color In Little Dragons Cafe

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] The primary method of changing your dragons color is feeding it. Which is great because you need to feed your dragon to keep it happy, keep its HP full and also have it “create” manure for you overnight. A very valuable resource that allows you to greatly increase the speed in which your gardens grow crops, or to obtain more ingredients off other resource nodes.

When you create a dish, you must do so for yourself. Not as part of a customers order. This places the dish in your inventory. From here you can inspect each of the dishes. In the lower right of the window you will see information on the dish. This includes the dishes name, quality, quantity and where viable, the colors it can influence. Certain recipes, such as Bacon & Eggs, do not change a dragons color. Below is a list of the different colors we have discovered as well as very easy to make, basic dishes you can use to influence that color.

Red Dragon Color
Steak Bowl

Green Dragon Color
Bagna Cuda
Stir-Fried Vegetables

Blue Dragon Color
Fried Fish
Sweet Yukhoe

Purple Dragon Color
To get purple you need to have you dragon start at red and then feed it blue items. To keep it purple just switch between red and blue dishes.
Fried Fish
Sweet Yukhoe

The dragon can change color regardless of age and you can speed up the process by feeding it more than one meal a just. Just make sure to continue the same color, otherwise it may become something else.

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