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How To Change Form For Dialga & Palkia In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Both of these legendary Pokemon have alternate forms in Arceus. This guide on How To Change Form For Dialga & Palkia In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you how to get both the Adamant Crystal and Lustrous Globe, the two items that change the appearance of both Pokemon into different forms.

Warning. So far, I have not found a way to revert either Dialga or Palkia into their original forms so if you’re not familiar with the Pokemon, save before changing their forms so you can decide on which one you wish to keep. Both Dialga and Palkia play integral roles in the story missions for Pokemon Legends Arceus. As such, you are not able to catch either of them until right near the very end of the game. If you want to change the form for both Pokemon, you’re going to need to go one step further and actually complete the game.

How To Change Form For Dialga & Palkia In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Once the credits have rolled and you’re back in Jubilife Village you will automatically unlock two new Requests. There is Request #89 – The Diamond Clans Treasure and Request #90 – The Pearl Clans Treasure, both quests where you deal with the leaders of both the Diamond and Pearl Clans.

Adam can be found in Obsidian Wastelands and Iridia can be found in the Icelands. Make sure you area ready to battle when you speak with either of them as they will both challenge you to a fight. Once you defeat them you will get given a treasure that represents the treasure both clans have held dear. Each of these items can then be used on either legendary Pokemon to change its form.

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