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How To Change Jobs In Mobius Final Fantasy

How To Change Jobs In Mobius Final Fantasy
Mobius Final Fantasy features the iconic job system utilized by many of the franchises most popular games. This guide on How To Change Jobs In Mobius Final Fantasy will show you how you can change jobs to switch between different elements, weapons and cards.

How To Change Jobs In Mobius Final Fantasy

There are a variety of exciting and powerful jobs that you can unlock in Mobius Final Fantasy. You don’t have access to many at the beginning of the game but you’re still able to switch between some basic jobs.

All you need to do is select the “Cards” panel on the right hand side. Once you’re inside that menu select Decks. From there you will see an image of your character, the current deck, stats and other useful information. In the top left, highlighted in red on the screenshot below, you’ll see job. Selecting that box will let you change to a different job. If you select the job box below that you can select job advancements from the same tree. For example, Ranger > Hunter.

Mobius Final Fantasy How To Change Jobs

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