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How To Change Moves In Pokemon Legends Arceus

The entire move system has been overhauled and may be confusing for both new and existing players. This guide on How To Change Moves In Pokemon Legends Arceus will explain how you can change the moves available to each of the Pokemon in your team, as the system is different to previous games.

In traditional Pokemon games, Pokemon always learn new moves at the end of battle (or during) once they have reached the appropriate level to learn the move. While the system in Pokemon Legends Arceus is similar, it’s not the same. When you finish a battle look at the panel of Pokemon on the left side of the screen. If they level up and learn a new move, it will tell you they’ve learned a new move. You’re also alerted to moves that have been mastered this way.

How To Change Moves In Pokemon Legends Arceus

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If you want to simply change moves, just open the menu and select the Pokemon you want to edit. When you select the Pokemon an option appears to change moves. Select this option. You will then get an entire list of moves available to that Pokemon at that level. Unlike other games you don’t forget a move when you overwrite an old one, you can switch as much or as little as you would like.

You can also speak to the move tutor in Jubilife Village at the arena. She can teach your Pokemon additional moves that they may not have access to otherwise.

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