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How To Change Outfits In The Crew 2

In The Crew 2, you can customize your character and make them look who you want. While it isn’t a hidden feature, it also isn’t explained to you properly. Check out this guide to find out how to change outfits in The Crew 2.

How To Change Clothes In The Crew 2

In order to change your outfit in The Crew 2 you need to go to your home. Your home can be found on the map in the bottom right corner, near the very bottom. It is a large red house icon on the map. Warp there and move around inside. Here you can find customize your cars and characters. To customize your character go to the suit and helmet in the room and click on it.

How To Change Clothes In The Crew 2

This will pull up a new menu where you can look at the various outfits in the game. You have to change outfits with the stick in the game, the d-pad doesn’t work. When you find an outfit you like, hit X and you can then purchase it or equip it if you already have it unlocked. There are some extra outfits in the U-Play store for those of you who are interested in spending some Uplay points.

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