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How To Change Pokemon In Pokemon Masters

How To Change Pokemon In Pokemon Masters
With Pokemon Masters soft release already underway, many ask can you change Pokemon? This guide will answer the question of How To Change Pokemon In Pokemon Masters, but unfortunately the answer may not be what you’re hoping for.

Pokemon Masters is not your traditional Pokemon game. You do not catch Pokemon and you cannot find wild Pokemon as you normally can. Pokemon are tied directly to their Trainers which, in Pokemon Masters, are called Sync Pairs.

How To Change Pokemon In Pokemon Masters

Unfortunately, there is not current known method of changing a Sync Pairs Trainer or Pokemon. This means you cannot change the Pokemon in Pokemon Masters without also bringing its Trainer too. For example, your main character starts with a Pikachu.

Now, eventually, you can evolve Pokemon into their stronger forms so the main character may eventually be able to use Raichu, but it will never be able to swap to a different Pokemon, like Squirtle. While you cannot change Pokemon, there are plenty of Pokemon Trainers and Pokemon combinations to unlock so get out there and find your favorite Sync Pairs.

Certain Pokemon in Pokemon Masters can be evolved into their stronger forms. The game isn't super clear about how you can do this though. Check out this guide to find out how to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters.
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