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How To Change Race & Appearance In The Elder Scrolls Blades

How To Change Race & Appearance In The Elder Scrolls Blades
After choosing your race and creating your character in ES Blades, you may find yourself wandering if it’s a permanent choice. This guide will tell you How To Change Race & Appearance In The Elder Scrolls Blades as, unlike traditional Elder Scrolls games, this one lets you change both your race and physical appearance after character creation.

Your characters appearance can be altered in many ways. You can choose a gender, select different facial features such as facepaint and tattoos, you can edit your characters hairstyle and color. There’s a lot of possibilities. So, it’s only natural you may want to change at some point, right?

How To Change Race & Appearance In The Elder Scrolls Blades

Continue through with the main story until you reach the point where you have to start rebuilding the town. Once you have rebuilt the Town Hall and the Blacksmith, a new civilian will arrive in town. He’s a bit of an odd ball, speaking in riddles and claiming to know you from another time, but he serves another purpose.

Find and speak with Theodor Gorlash. You can find him standing near the front entrance to the town, not far from where the Blacksmith stood. When you speak with Gorlash, ask to change your character. This will bring up a new menu that lets you change your characters race and appearance.

ES Blades features a number of difficult Challenge missions that you can complete for bonuses every day. This guide will explain How To Get 3 Hit Combo In The Elder Scrolls Blades as it's one of the first Challenges you will encounter and if you're not sure how, it can be quite difficult.
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Building, Smithing, Tempering, Enchanting, Alchemy, all these activities require special materials in ES Blades. This The Elder Scrolls Blades Materials Guide goes over all of the different crafting materials we've discovered in the game so far and information on how to get them or where they can be found.

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