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How To Change Targets In Battle In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Arceus handles battles with multiple Pokemon differently to other Pokemon games. This guide on How To Change Targets In Battle In Pokemon Legends Arceus will explain how the different battle types work when you encounter multiple Pokemon in the same area. Depending on the type of Pokemon, just being near several Pokemon when you start a fight can lead to a multi-battle. If you are attacking sheepish Pokemon that likes to flee or avoid combat, the others nearby will not join in.

However, if you are surrounded by aggressive Pokemon, they will often group up and attack you all at the same time. This can happen when you are just exploring or even in battles against Alpha Pokemon. A quick word of warning. Pokemon Legends Arceus automatically saves after a fight if you have captured a Pokemon during that fight. So if you’re fighting several Pokemon but you killed the one you wanted to catch, restart the game if it’s a unique or rare spawn. Otherwise, when you finish the battle, the game will override your save file. This can happen right at the end of the game when you are catching legendary Pokemon.

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How To Change Targets In Battle In Pokemon Legends Arceus

When you start a battle against multiple opponents, look in the top right of the screen. It must have always been there but I swear I never saw it for 80% of the game. It will tell you which Pokemon you are currently focusing on and how to switch targets. To switch targets to attack another Pokemon during battle you simply need to press ZL (L2 or LT for other console folk). Doing that will cycle between the targets until you have the target you want.

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