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How To Check Friendship In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Evolving certain Pokemon, such as Pichu, requires a specific friendship level to work. This guide on How To Check Friendship In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you everything you need to know about checking your compatibility with specific Pokemon so you know if you are close to being able to evolve them.

Pichu is not the only Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus that requires a friendship level to evolve. A couple of Eevee’s evolutions in Pokemon Legends Arceus also need you to have a high friendship rating with Eevee, other Pokemon also have a similar requirement. It’s not the first time this mechanic has been used, it has featured in most of the mainstream, traditional Pokemon games. However, in each game the exact method of checking a Pokemon’s friendship level changes slightly as you usually need to find a certain NPC. As the Arceus world is a lot less populated than regular Pokemon games, it’s not so much finding the NPC, but unlocking the option to check compatibility.

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How To Check Friendship In Pokemon Legends Arceus

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You need to follow the main story until Request #28 – Measuring Your Compatibility opens around town, you can look for Belamy near the Pastures. Once you have enough story and Request progress, this Request will unlock and it will appear on your map. You can also get Requests from the board in the professors office, which coincidentally is also where you unlock all of the starter Pokemon for Arceus.

The Request is a simple one. You simply need to show Belamy a Pokemon with high friendship by catching a Pokemon and increasing its friendship. Your starter is usually max friendship at this point. Once you have completed the Request Belamy will remain by the Pastures for the rest of the game and you can speak with him whenever you want to check your friendship level with any of your Pokemon.

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