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How To Chop Down Trees In Lost Ark

You unlock the ability to chop down trees long before you find trees to cut down. This guide on How To Chop Down Trees In Lost Ark will tell you where to find the trees you’re able to cut down so you can begin levelling your Logging skill and start unlocking the new skills and perks.

Logging is one of the six different Trade Skills in Lost Ark but before you’re able to do anything with it, you need to unlock all Trade Skills. Once you have unlocked the Trade Skills you almost have everything you need. You unlock the skills in Lakebar Village, you can also buy all of your crafting tools here, so make sure you have a Logging Tool purchased and equipped. Once it’s equipped, you need to follow the main story for some time before you’re able to actually do any logging.

How To Chop Down Trees In Lost Ark

You need to follow the main campaign story until you reach the Bilbrin Forest region. Once you reach Bilbrin you will notice on the radar and map that you will find small trees with a log icon on the map. These are the trees you can cut down for wood. it doesn’t work on all trees in the environment. Once you find a tree, they are Arbor Tree’s in this region, you don’t need to switch to your trade skills bar. Simple approach and press the interaction key, G, and you will begin chopping it down.

  • You first need to reach Lakebar Village to unlock all of your trade skills
  • Once unlocked, purchase a Logging Tool from the vendor in Lakebar Village
  • You then need to follow the main story until you reach the Bilbrin Forest region
  • Once you’re in this region, search the map for the small log icon on both the map and radar
  • Approach and hit the tree with G to chop it down
  • Make sure your Logging Tool is equipped
During the main story quest Holy Inquisitors, one of the objectives is to use the /disappointed emote. However, if you're reading this you've likely discovered that the emote doesn't do anything. Worry not, the quest itself is not bugged, just likely a translation error bringing the game to the West.
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