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How To Clean The Aquarium In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Can You Clean The Aquarium?

Once you recruit Skoova Stev and unlock the Aquarium, it starts out as dirty. In this guide on How To Clean The Aquarium In Star Wars Jedi Survivor we’ll provide the disappointing breakdown of how the aquarium is cleaned so all of us folk with a bit of OCD can revel and look at a filthy tank for half of the game.

Skoova Stev is one of the many characters you can recruit in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Once unlocked you can use the aquarium upstairs in the cantina to place rare fish that you help Skoova Stev find on your travels. When you inspect the tank you can look at the fish you’ve caught in gorgeous cinematic fashion, well, if you like filth.

How To Clean The Aquarium In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

So, you’re asking how to clean the aquarium? Well, you can’t, not really. As you progress through the game and find more fish, they will clean the aquarium of dirt as you progress. Early on, it will remain dirty whatever you do. There’s no interaction or trick to cleaning it. You simply need to catch more fish so that they clean out the aquarium for you. It’s a little frustrating for those of use that like to keep things spick and span, but here we are.

So that’s the rather sad and disappointing news but on the brighter side of life, we can help somewhat. Be sure to check out our Fish Location Guide where we list all of the 12 fish in the game and where you can find them.

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