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How To Clear Piles Of Mud & Wood In Little Dragons Cafe

How To Clear Piles Of Mud & Wood In Little Dragons Cafe
As you explore the world you often find your path is blocked. This guide will tell you How To Clear Piles Of Mud & Wood In Little Dragons Cafe and other obstacles that block your path so you can explore further, obtain more ingredients and unlock more recipes.

How To Clear Piles Of Mud & Wood In Little Dragons Cafe

When exploring the lands surrounding the cafe, you will often come across blocks in your path. Sometimes these are invisible walls that can only be removed by progressing through the story, other times there are more immediate solutions available.

Firstly, it’s worth noting that there are different kinds of debris that will block your path. The basic mud mound that has just a few planks protruding from it and then the much bigger pile, which appears to be almost entirely made of wood. There are multiple stages of maturity for your dragon. The initial stage, infancy, is what Draco begins at. He’s tiny and useless for everything but digging items out from small caves.

As you progress through the game, Draco will mature. At the second stage of maturity, you are able to move certain rocks to use as climbing tools, and destroy the small piles of debris. As he grows further, you can clear the bigger parts of debris and use Draco to reach higher areas.

Approach the obstacle and press the interact button that appears under Destroy. If Draco removes the object in one hit, your path is clear. If he does not, you must progress through the story until he reaches the next level of maturity.

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