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How To Climb The Battlements In Hogwarts Legacy

During a main story quest, you need to infiltrate a castle. This guide on How To Climb The Battlements In Hogwarts Legacy explains how you can complete the first objective once you scale the castle walls, a simple objective that asks you to climb the battlements.

I say simple, I spent nearly 20 minutes trying to solve this stupid non-puzzle puzzle. So once you read the rest of this guide and feel like an idiot for missing something so simple, rest easy in the fact that I’m just as stupid and missed it as well. Anyway, here’s to the easy solution.

How To Climb The Battlements In Hogwarts Legacy

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You’ve probably already managed to do this bit but to start with, head to the left once you climb the wall. Use Depulso on the mechanism that’s in the wall. This will spin rapidly and open the gate that’s right next to it. Inside this gate is a box that you can interact with. Use your Revelio if you’re not sure what box, it’s the box with the metal hinge on the side.

Once you have revealed the box, use your Accio spell to pick it up, this will also automatically cast Wingardium Leviosa, which helps to move it. Then, move the box to the wall directly ahead of where you first climb up. I imagine this is the part you were already at when you looked up this guide. Ready for it?

Cast Levioso on the box… That’s it. The box will then float. You can climb the box to make it into the castle. 20 minutes… 20 minutes it took me to figure that out. I do this for a living… Sigh. I’m going to cry into a cup of Butterbeer.

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