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How To Climb Vines & Walls In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Have you seen the purple vines covering some cliff faces? This guide on How To Climb Vines & Walls In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will tell you everything you need to know to unlock the ability to climb cliffs and walls whenever you see the purple vines or plants covering the sides.

You need a specific ability called Wall Climbing. Check the main menu and head into the Party Skills section. There is a Traversal Skills option here. When you unlock Traversal Skills it allows you to use these skills to match certain environmental challenges. Each new skill allows you to reach new places and locations. Wall Climbing is one such skill.

How To Climb Vines & Walls In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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Before you’re able to climb the purple vines you’re going to need to complete a Hero Quest called The Kind Right Hand. This is a simple quest where you help Hero Valdi with rebuilding his machines to protect a nearby colony. This is part of the story, you cannot miss or skip this quest as you need to complete it in order to proceed.

Once you have completed that quest and recruited Valdi, which also unlocks a new class, he will teach you Wall Climbing.

Once you have Wall Climbing you can open the map. You will see a bunch of new icons that look like grappling hooks scattered around every region. You can then investigate these locations and use the Wall Climbing ability to navigate to new areas.

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