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How To Co Op In Stranger In Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Co-op is one of the cool features in Stranger In Paradise. Check out this guide to find out how to co op in Stranger In Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. This way you can group up withy our friends and earn some extra loot and anima shards.

How To Co Op In Stranger In Paradise Final Fantasy Origins

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In order to co op, you will have to progress to a certain point in the story. Shortly after the first missions and tutorials, you will go to the city and get a big main mission. This leads you being able to check the map for areas to explore. Now that you have a party, you can start doing some co op.

Before you enter a mission, go to the main menu and then hit R1 or right bumper to get to the online menu. From here you can search for matches or host your own. You can host an open one or a private one. If you set a password then your friends can join. If you host a private one you can also invite via the touch pad on Playstation. The person who joins you will be whatever character is in that slot.

They bring their own gear, but only the host plays Jack. As such your AI partner will NOT get exp for the mission as they will not be there. You can change your party members a little later in the game.

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