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How To Co Op In V Rising

Co op in V Rising takes a little more than just joining up in the same server as a buddy. Check out this guide to find out how to co op in V Rising. This way you can have two vampires or more in the same group.

How To Co Op In V Rising

In order to co-op you will have to join your friends server. The best way to do this is to have someone create a server, then invite them via the steam friends list. Once you guys are in game, you will have to complete a brief tutorial. Once you exit the tutorial you will have to pick east of west to spawn in at. Spawn near your ally first.

If you spawn at the same time you should be able to see your buddy. Be careful as you can attack each other if you aren’t in a party. What you want to do now is Press P which opens up the clan menu. This is the way you group up. They are called Vampire Clans. Make a name, then click invite player. You will have to type out their name, but it isn’t too hard. Once you are group up you can see each other on the map and won’t damage each other.

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