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How To Collect Your Gun From Wilson In Cyberpunk 2077

How To Collect Your Gun From Wilson In Cyberpunk 2077
The Gun is an option side quest in the game. This guide on How To Collect Your Gun From Wilson In Cyberpunk 2077 will tell you how to complete the mission as some people may think you have to acquire the gun through dialog options or perhaps by breaking into the story. However, the solution is much more obvious than that.

The Gun is an option side mission that is available as soon as you reach Night City. Simply open your journal and navigate to the quest titled The Gun. You can then select to track the mission. This will instruct the game to give you waypoint objective markers that will lead you directly to Wilson’s gun shop, the 2nd Amendment. Once you reach the gun shop, you simply need to grab your custom gun.

How To Collect Your Gun From Wilson In Cyberpunk 2077

How To Collect Your Gun From Wilson In Cyberpunk 2077
You have to actually speak with Wilson and open the shop menu in order to get your gun. Although you are purchasing through the shop interface, the item is free, it will not cost you any money to get the gun. So, if you’ve just splashed out on some new clothes and ammo, don’t worry about it.

You are looking for one gun, the Dying Night. It’s a pistol, as shown above. You can also see that the price is $0. In the shop menu you will notice a yellow ! icon on the weapon. That’s the weapon you need to select the complete this mission.

Do not sell this pistol. It’s an Iconic weapon. These are special weapons that can be upgraded consistently as you progress through the game, making them a very powerful option for your arsenal as whenever they start to struggle against enemies and the damage begins to drop off, you can craft an upgrade and raise its quality to the next level.

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